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Altercation leads to campus lock-down

Altercation leads to campus lock-down

The back entrance to the college residence halls was the scene of the altercation that led to campus lock-down.

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Panola College residence halls were on lock-down status Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 19-20, because of fights that occurred between students and local residents.

“The lock-down procedure is one that we have used several times before, and it seems to help defuse many situations,” said Don Clinton, Vice President of Student Success.

Krystn Davis, residence hall supervisor, and her assistants distributed flyers and met with dormitory students to explain that the lock-down was implemented as a safety procedure.

The flyers states: “Due to the fighting incidents that took place on Monday, yesterday and last night campus visitation has been shut down. Non-residents will not be allowed to visit campus at all, inside or out. Residents will be allowed during visitation hours to go to another resident’s rooms, but cannot gather outside. Carry your student ID with you at all times. You could be asked to provide it at any time by a college official. If you do not have it with you, you will be escorted off campus!”

Clinton said the fight is being investigated. “We are trying to get to the bottom of the situation. We have identified several people and the City and College police are helping to solve this problem as quickly as possible.”

At the beginning of the semester, all residence hall students are provided with phone numbers for Residence Life staff members, along with the schedule and contact phone numbers for campus police officers. Security lighting and security cameras are strategically placed around campus.

The lock-down was lifted Monday morning, but the investigation continues.

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The student news site of Panola College.
Altercation leads to campus lock-down